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A Master window film distributor in the distribution of American Quality window films to the worldwide.

Geoshieldpro Window Film ™ are produce using  6 in 1 chip dyed PET film with special ceramic titanium nitride  and 100% ultra-violet block skincare film made by world-class manufacture, our products can be adjusted to every customer’s needs.  Our automotive line  and residential, commercial, security and safety films,  Geoshieldpro Window Film™ offers you, your company and your costumers, the best option in treated window films. Geoshieldpro also offers a complete line of tools and supplies to install window films. Solarfilmsupply ,Windowfilmsupply



UV400 6in1 Hot-melt 
Optical Film  >>>
6in1 Hot-melt 
Optical Film  >>>

What is UV and High-energy visible (HEV) Light Classification of UV Rays

UV radiation is divided into different categories according to wavelengths. It is categorized by measuring the distance of series of wave crests and wavelength that is in between 100nm and 500nm.

-  High-energy visible (HEV) light
In the visible spectrum, there is a type of light categorized as high-energy visible (HEV) light, whose energy is just below that of ultraviolet. HEV light is blue-violet to blue in color, with wavelengths of 400–500 nm. Often referred to as "blue light", these waves pass through the lens and reach the retina.

UV TMAX band (380-420nm)
UV TMAX  is the Scientifically Define UV band from UV-A band which has the strongest penetration in the ultraviolet band can reach the dermis depths; make the skin to relax, wrinkles, rough micro vascular emerge;
cause melanin production, darkening of the skin, lack luster, sun spots, freckles and premature skin aging.
Cause malignant melanoma cells to mutate and lead to cancer. Human long-term ultraviolet radiation, huge damage to eyes, cause cataracts and eye fatigue, eventually myopia.

UV-A band (315-380nm)
Medium penetration to constitute certain damage on the skin, premature skin aging; cause clothes, fumitories,
arts and crafts to fade and age quickly.

UV-B band (280-315nm)
With a certain degree of Penetration. Dries the skin and can cause skin instant sun bun.

UV-C band (100-280nm)
Penetration weak, before reaching the ground by the ozone layer absorption, the impact on the human skin can be negligible.

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